Marketing Woes

Are you tired of peaks and valleys with your sales? Chances are you could prevent that with some steady marketing. The most common problem that I see, especially with small business, is that when sales are peaking, your time is stretched thin. When your time is stretched thin, you slack off on your marketing, both online and offline. Maybe you stop analyzing your web analytics. Maybe you stop writing blogs. Maybe you decide you don’t need to renew a marketing campaign because you have “so much business right now” and you don’t need it. Maybe you stop visiting potential clients or stop calling on clients. Many times, your combined marketing efforts is what is bring in new clients, and when you stop doing those efforts, eventually your sales drop. Then when your sales slow down, you have extra time and you resume your marketing efforts and then sales go back up.

So the simple answer is make sure you are performing all of your marketing tasks consistently. Write down all of the marketing that you do in a given month and break it down in list form by Daily, Weekly, and Monthly tasks. This will serve as your marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. Keep it simple and post it near your computer so you will see it everyday. Follow your plan daily and you will help to stabilize your sales and hopefully start to see some growth. Good luck with your business in 2012!

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