Beer Buckets

Blown New Year’s Resolution At The Bar

Beer Buckets

Beer Buckets

Well it’s 4 days into January and many Americans have already blown their New Years resolutions. That’s because one of the top 10 New Years resolutions is to quit drinking. The story goes like this. A buddy comes by the house and you crack open a beer before even giving your New Years resolution a second thought. Then you decide to go out and hit a bar and you see an offer too good to pass up – the beer bucket special. Six iced beers all in a plastic beer bucket for $12. You can’t pass that up and besides, you’ve already screwed up your New Years resolution, so what the heck. You get a bucket of beer for both you and your buddy and have a great time.

Beer buckets are great promotions for bars to offer their clientele. These plastic beer buckets can be printed with your custom logo and custom text. These buckets are made from a durable plastic and they are re-usable. They easily hold 5-6 bottled beers. Need a low quantity? No problem, the minimum is only 25 printed beer buckets.

Galvanized Beer BucketIf you are looking for something even more durable, think about Galvanized Beer Buckets. These beer buckets are extremely durable and can be used for years. The metal buckets are classic beer buckets that have been used for years and years. They are especially popular in beach clubs and bars. The galvanized coating helps prevent rusting of the metal bucket. While they are definitely more expensive per bucket, they last much longer than plastic beer buckets. You can get minimums as low as 36 quantity.


So if you own or manage a bar or nightclub, make sure you offer up a great drink special to your patrons. Go ahead and offer both a domestic and an import special in a bucket. The more specials and varieties that you offer, the more you will sell. Start the New Year off right and help your bar to have a strong first quarter.

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