Creating An Effective Ad Layout

How to Create an Effective Ad Layout

On a daily basis, people look at hundreds or even thousands of printed or online ads. There are ads in the newspaper, magazines, websites, emails, phone books, billboards, brochures, t-shirts, and even on vehicles. However, very few of these ads actually stand out to you. Not necessarily because they don’t interest you, but most likely because the ads are not designed effectively.

Below is a Funny Tampon Commercial that I recently saw, and being a man I have absolutely no use for tampons. However, the commercial was funny which made it memorable. The commercial shows a man swimming in a pool full of water. Then a lady in a bikini jumps in the pool, swims a lap and gets out. It then shows the pool again and half of the water is gone followed by the announcement that this brand is super absorbent. Funny and memorable. Now, men have no use for tampons, but likely after seeing this advertisement, they will remember the brand. Now, I realize that video is a lot more engaging than print media; however, in print media (including online static ads), there are several key point to remember to design an effective ad. If you don’t follow these, it is highly unlikely that your ad will be effective.

Design Rules to Remember:

  1. Color – Make good use of color. Find out where your ad will be placed if your ad will be in a newspaper or magazine. That should help you make some important color determinations. For example, if your ad will be surrounded by a lot of black and white images, your color ad will stand out immensely. On the other hand, if all other ads and images on the same page as your ad will be in color, you will want to make sure your ad is bold enough in it’s color combination to stand out amongst the competition.
  2. Layout – This is one of the most important aspects for any ad. You can have all the right color, call to actions, attention grabbers, and discount offers; however, if it’s laid out poorly, it is ineffective. If your ad layout is too busy, it will get much less attention. Simple is better with ad layouts. Be concise and to the point.
  3. Call To Action – It is important to tell the reader what to do next. For example, Call Now, or Respond By January 31, or 10% OFF. Your call to action should stand out boldly.
  4. Discount or Special Offer – With so much competition these days, buyers are looking for a good deal. By offering a special discount with your ad, you are separating yourself from the competition and increasing your chances of a conversion. Don’t forget to include a unique tracking code on your coupon so you will be able to track the results of your investment.
  5. Attention Grabber – An important headline and/or photo is imperative to grab the attention of the reader. Your attention grabber could also be your Discount or special offer as seen in one of our previous ads (see below). Anytime there is a discount statement, most middle class income earners and below are immediately drawn to the statement to see if they could benefit and save money from it.

Creating An Effective Ad Layout

So remember, don’t spend money on an ad unless you are willing to invest a little design time into your ad. If you don’t have the time to invest or the skill to design, be sure to hire an expert for your graphic design work.









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