An Important Letter On Your Sign

Sometimes things happen at your place of business such as a broken window, a hole in your wall, or maybe problems with your sign. Sometimes these are quick fixes and sometimes they take a little more effort to correct the problem. However, when it’s your image at hand or if the “Little Problem” creates something much bigger and potentially harmful, you should make it a higher priority to correct it. Here’s an example. I’m driving through a small little town last night near my hometown and I look over and see a lit sign; however, a critical letter is not lit and the sign says “harmacy.” Not a big deal, right? Unless you are a pharmacy! In that case you don’t want to give the impression that you will harm your customers with the medicines you dispense. I was driving in quite a bit of traffic so I couldn’t snap a picture with my iPhone; however, below is a quick Photoshop rendition of what it looked like when seeing it at night.









My family and I thought this was too funny, so I just wanted to share about this one important letter that was missing! The image of your business is extremely important, so if something like this happens in your daily course of business, make sure and fix it right away.

On a separate note, let’s talk about misspellings. I often see misspellings on business cards, brochures, Facebook posts for businesses, signs, and websites which can harm your business image. Make sure you thoroughly proofread anything that goes to print (or web) for your business. Then, when you think there are no more errors with spelling or grammar, take a 10-15 minute break and re-proof it. Then pass it on to a friend or family member who is strong in spelling and grammar. I have passed up numerous businesses simply from the use of poor grammar and spelling. In business, image is critical. Your first impression WILL make potential first time buyers pass you up for your competitor.

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