15 Ideas for Personalized Mini Basketballs

Well, we are well into basketball season with most conference play just about to begin and it’s definitely time to be thinking about getting your custom mini basketballs for your team. Mini basketballs customized with your team name and mascot are great to throw out during the game to engage the crowd and keep them alive and rowdy during the lull points of the game. Besides the cheerleaders throwing the balls into the crowd, here are 15 ideas on how to use your personalized mini basketballs:

  1. Get Business Sponsors To Pay For The Balls – The business can put their logo and phone number on one side of the ball and your team can put your team mascot and team name on the other side. Free basketballs for your team. That deal is hard to pass up.
  2. Autograph Signings – Have signature basketballs available for sale after the game and let kids come by and get autographs from the players.
  3. End of the Year Player Gifts – Mini basketballs with the team mascot and season year printed on the balls make great keepsakes for the players.
  4. Gifts For Season Ticket Holders – Reward those who purchase season tickets with a custom mini basketball.
  5. Throw Them At Your Brother(s) – Great for your kids and kids of your team fans to throw around and hit their brother (or sister). If they are the vinyl mini basketballs, you don’t have to worry about them hurting anyone since they are soft.
  6. Throw Them At Your Kids – Are your kids not listening to you? Just beam them in the head with a vinyl mini basketball. That will get their attention. 🙂
  7. Dodge Ball – The vinyl mini basketballs are great for dodge ball. They are small and they throw well.
  8. Fetch With Dog – Play fetch with your dog.
  9. Hoop Contest Promotion – Have a contest at your business. If the customer makes so many baskets using the mini basketball and the mini basketball hoop, give them a prize, such as a mini basketball printed with your business logo on it.
  10. Office Basketball Game – Every now and then, give your workers a little break and relieve some stress and have a little friendly basketball competition. The most successful baskets out of 10 wins a gift card.
  11. Fundraiser For Booster Club – See the imprinted mini basketballs at your booster club store to raise money for the team.
  12. Give Away With Purchase – During March Madness, giveaway a mini basketall personalized with your business logo on it with every purchase of $25 or more.
  13. Banquet Centerpieces – Use the custom mini basketballs as part of a centerpiece decoration for sports banquets.
  14. Facebook Contest Give Aways – Have daily Facebook contests to keep your fans engaged and active on your page and give away a custom mini basketball each day to the winner.
  15. Carnival Game – At your next Church or school Fall Festival, have a booth with a mini basketball and a hoop and give away a printed mini basketball for the winners.
There are many more ways to use mini basketballs to help market your business and generate team spirit for your basketball team, so go ahead and do something creative. Good luck to your team this year!
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