Full Color Car Magnets

Quick Way To Boost Your Business

Are you looking for a quick way to boost your business and generate some phone calls or website visits? How about a car magnet? We have full color car magnets so we can get crazy with your design and really attract some attention to your driving billboard. I always recommend magnets to be placed on each side of your vehicle as well as on the back if there is room. With the car magnets being on the sides and the back, that covers you while at traffic lights, which is when they will get the most attention. After all, we really don’t want the person driving next to us with his eyes on our magnet while driving. We don’t but it will happen with our vibrantly colored graphics printed on the magnets of virtually any size. You just measure you areas and we can create a custom size for you within 1″ increments. We offer both a high gloss finish as well as a matte finish. Here’s a picture of our own car magnets:

Full Color Car Magnets

Perfect Imprints Vehicle Magnet

You better believe that this will turn some heads. But please, turn them when you are stopped. Thank you.

I do want to mention a few tips on caring for your vehicle and your vehicle magnets.

  • Remove the car magnets often. Especially important with dark color vehicles and in hot climates.
  • When the magnets are removed, always store flat.
  • Never roll the magnet up while in storage.
  • If storing more than 1 magnet together, be sure to not put the magnet surfaces facing each other.
  • Only apply to clean surfaces on your vehicle.
  • Make sure the vehicle surface is dry before applying.
  • Be sure that all air pockets are out of the magnet when applied to prevent the magnet from falling off due to the wind from driving. The magnet should be completely flat against the surface.
  • Wait at least 2-3 days after applying a surface wax to vehicle before reapplying the magnets.
  • Never pull the magnet against the surface of your vehicle. Always lift directly away from the surface.
  • If a vehicle is newly painted, wait at least 90 days for the paint to completely cure before applying the magnet.
  • Routinely wipe the magnet down on both sides with a soft damp cloth to prolong the life span of the magnet.
  • Remove the magnets before entering automatic car washes (Do I really need to mention this? Yes. Believe me I do. You know who you are)
  • I recommend removing the magnets if temperatures reach 100° F or more.
  • It’s best to remove the magnet if traveling at high speeds for a long time.
Here are a few recommendations about what to print on general Car Magnets:
  • Your logo and/or business name.
  • Your phone number in large font.
  • Your website.
  • Very brief overview of products or services offered.
Of course if you want to advertise an entry level, budget friendly price on a specific service, just put the name of the service, price (very large) and a phone number. With card magnets, you don’t want to put too much information because you want people to be able to read it at a glance. With less information, you can make your contact information larger. So go ahead and give us a call today to get your full color car magnets.









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