25 Promotional Product Ideas

Promotional products can be used for so many purposes and there are so many different types of promotional products. As a matter of fact, think of just about anything you can (no matter how obscure) and chances are we can offer that to you with your custom logo imprint. They are used by schools, businesses, organizations, charities, fundraisers, parties, and for retail purposes. They are one of the most effective forms of marketing as well as one of the least expensive ways to market your business. Promotional items and printing should be part of your monthly marketing budget. You should arm your employees with as much branded material as possible. Not only branded items to give to clients, but also for your employees to use. After all, the more your employees are exposed to branded items from your company, the more they will believe in the business and promote it to potential clients. The more your potential clients see with your logo, the more trustworthy your company will look to them.

Below are just 25 ideas, in no particular order, on how to use your promotional items.

  1. Marketing for an event.
  2. New product launch
  3. General branding.
  4. Christmas gifts.
  5. Company anniversary celebrations.
  6. New business opening.
  7. Grand re-opening celebrations.
  8. Corporate awards.
  9. General marketing campaigns.
  10. Facebook contest giveaways.
  11. Free gifts with purchase.
  12. In Store contest giveaways.
  13. Employee incentives.
  14. Follow up giveaway to a mailout.
  15. Thank you gifts.
  16. Birthday parties.
  17. Marriage anniversary parties.
  18. Retirement celebrations.
  19. Corporate gifts.
  20. Achievement awards.
  21. Sports banquet gifts.
  22. Celebrity autograph signings.
  23. Office items used daily.
  24. Marketing a new employee.
  25. Promoting sales.
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