15 Reasons To Offer Discounts To Your Customers

Many business owners understand the benefits of offering discounts to their clients through the use of coupons and monthly specials. However, there are a large majority of business owners who think they are losing money if they offer coupons and special deals. In many instances, your customers gained from the coupon use is because of that discount. Therefore, that is business that you would not have had without the coupon. Below are just a few reasons why you should offer discounts in the form of coupons or weekly/monthly specials.

Top 15 Reasons To Offer Discounts For Your Customers

  1. To attract new clients. Attract those clients that may have a tighter budget. Many times they would go with a competitor simply over a few dollars so why not snag them for yourself?
  2. To keep your clients loyal. If they feel like they are getting a deal along with great customer service, they will keep coming back to you.
  3. Monthly or Weekly specials are a great way to get your client base visiting your website or Facebook page more frequently. Many times the special might not apply to them, but eventually you will hit that perfect product or service they are looking for and a sale will happen.
  4. By offering discounts with unique discount codes, you can track where the discounts are coming from so you have an understanding of what marketing tactics are working and what is not. For example, if you place an ad in the local newspaper and include a coupon with a unique code only used for that ad, you will know whether or not your ad was worth the money.
  5. Coupons are in right now. Coupons have been around for years, but they have never been as popular as they are with the last few years with the straining economy.
  6. Coupons make your marketing materials more valuable. If you receive a brochure from two different competitors and one has a coupon and the other doesn’t, which brochure is more valuable to you? The one with the coupon, of course. Chances are that brochure with the coupon will hang around much longer than the brochure without the coupon.
  7. Use coupons to send to past clients that haven’t purchased in a long time. It’s a great way to reel them back. Maybe they started using a competitor or maybe they just forgot about your company, but receiving a coupon in the mail or by email is a great way to get back in front of them to help with that top of mind awareness.
  8. Offering a coupon or special deal is a great way to promote and sell slow-moving items or high profit items.
  9. Coupons are a great way to get referrals. For instance, refer us to 3 friends and get a coupon worth “$50”.
  10. Entice people to join your email newsletter by offering exclusive coupons within your monthly newsletters. It is a great advertising tactic to get new subscribers.
  11. Generate quick sales by offering “limited time” coupons. This is a great way to finish a month or quarter strong with a few extra sales. To accomplish this, the coupons typically have to be a little better than the normal ones you put out there and be only valid for a short duration. I wouldn’t suggest doing this too often, otherwise many of your clients will simply wait to the last few days of the month to order.
  12. By offering online coupons, you can gain many links from coupon sites. There are dozens of big coupon sites and these coupon sites can bring in a fair amount of traffic from those looking for deals.
  13. Offering a different special each month or a new coupon each month is a great way to stand apart from your local competitors.
  14. If you collect birthdays from clients, sending out a birthday card with a coupon is a great way to stay in good with past clients.
  15. Sending out a special Christmas coupon is a great way to thank your past customers.
I could go on and on about the benefits and various positive uses of offering coupons. The most important thing is to make sure you track your coupon sales so that you don’t spend unnecessary time in the future with coupon marketing in an area that doesn’t work for your business. Offering discounts, coupons, special deals, and incentives can be great for your business and can increase your bottom line. Just make sure you have a plan and recheck your plan often.
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