10 Ideas For Custom Christmas Ornaments

If your Christmas tree is anything like mine, it has a collaboration of ornaments on it spanning back 30+ years. Some of the ornaments are homemade items I made in Bible school when I was a child. Some of the ornaments were gifts from family and friends. Some of the ornaments I bought on clearance the day after Christmas. And some are custom Christmas ornaments with various logos from companies that I have done business with as well a few from companies for whom I have worked. Below are just a few ideas of how you can use personalized Christmas ornaments for your business:

  1. Give them out each year to your employees. It is important to market to your employees so they will continue to be enthusiastic about your company. Change up the style and color each year so your long term employees get a great collection of ornaments.
  2. Give out premium Christmas ornaments to your top clients. Premium ornaments such as crystal ornaments are much more expensive than the promotional type, so they are typically reserved for top clients who bring in significant revenue for the company.
  3. Give out promotional ornaments with a purchase. For example, spend $25 and receive a free Christmas ornament. Promote this in your email newsletters, mailers, and social media pages.
  4. Decorate a Christmas tree in your lobby with nothing but custom printed Christmas Ball ornaments with your company logo. The repetitive logo is great for branding and will be seen and remembered since it will be plastered all over the tree.
  5. If your business participates in a Halloween Trick or Treating event, give out custom printed Christmas ornaments in trick or treaters’ bags. Make sure you also give out candy too to keep the little tots happy. Some of you may think it’s crazy to think about Christmas so early, but think about it; Christmas is less than 60 days from Halloween. Plus, most people these days begin Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving. So what better way to begin promoting your business for the holidays?
  6. Sell your custom printed Christmas ornaments at your place of business and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Not only will this be a great philanthropy project, but it will also make your company look good and give you marketing exposure year after year when your customers hang the ornament with your logo on their trees.
  7. Hold a daily Facebook contest to engage your fans and giveaway a free Christmas ornament to each winner. Not only does this help your branding, but it requires locals to actually come into your store to claim their prize. The more often they come in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.
  8. If your company is well-known and has products or services in demand, sell them to your customers. Not only is it great for marketing, but it adds a little extra 4th quarter profit.
  9. Include a custom printed or engraved ornament in a mailer to customers on your mailing along with a special holiday coupon. For best results, make sure and get ornaments that are flat and easily fit into an envelope to save on postage.
  10. Just give out your custom printed ornaments to all your clients and potential clients that you come in contact with. Go crazy and spread your brand.
Custom printed Christmas ornaments come in many different styles, shapes, colors, and price ranges. There are ornaments to fit every business, whether large or small. Get your holiday spirit and promote your business at the same time.
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