Cheap Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

I am well aware of the difficulties that small businesses face on a daily basis. The big guys have virtually unlimited advertising budgets compared to those who own a small business. How do you compete? You have to build relationships within your local area. Small businesses can easily beat large businesses with great customer service when going head to head. But first you have to get in front of the potential clients to even have a shot. Below are several inexpensive ideas to market your small business:

  1. Business Cards – I’m not talking about just a plain old business card here. I’m talking about doing something a little different. Include a call to action on your card such as a money-saving coupon or maybe a QR code. Maybe a die-cut business card in the shape of your logo or a popular product that you sell would be a good fit for your business. Anything but a boring old business card help hook a client. Let your business card help your sales. You can get 1000 full color business cards for only $59.
  2. Car Magnets – There aren’t many other items with a higher return on investment than car magnets. Typically card magnets pay for themselves after snagging one new client. You can get car magnets for around $50 each for a large outdoor quality magnet with UV coating to help them last longer.
  3. Wind Flags – There are many different flag shapes to choose from such as tear drop shaped, feather flags, wind dancers, windchasers, etc. The bottom line is that flags flap in the wind and get the attention of those passing by. Full color printed flags are only around $200 and are well worth the investment. Next time you are driving, just notice the number of flags you see. Businesses wouldn’t be buying them if they didn’t work.
  4. Brochures – With your brochures, keep it simple and don’t overdo it by putting too much information in it. Stick to the pertinent points to get your message across. If your pricing stays fairly consistent, it is a good idea to include it. Don’t forget to include the characteristics that stand you apart from your competitors. Another great way to add value to brochures is include a money-saving coupon. These coupons help ensure that the recipients will keep your brochure and not toss it in the trash.
  5. Postcards – Go old school and have a bunch of postcards printed and place them on windshields while people are shopping at supercenters and malls. Postcards are cheap and easy to mass distribute in a short amount of time. Again, a coupon adds tremendous value to your postcard and helps get a much higher response rate.
These are just 5 ways that Perfect Imprints can help you with your marketing and advertising. Give us a call today to start your next marketing campaign. We also offer nearly any promotional products imaginable to help market your business and help keep you at the top of your clients’ minds.
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