How To Get Tradeshow Visitors To Your Booth

So I recently attended one of my many industry tradeshows and out of the 1000 or so booths, I noticed some of them stayed full with attendees while others stayed bare. It just so happened that the busy booths were the very ones that I was headed toward. Why? Not because they were busy. Not because of their name. It was because I was solicited by them weeks before the tradeshow. Some of the exhibitors enticed me with a free gift if I visit their booth while others offered a money saving coupon for visiting. There were several that enticed me simply with the products they had to offer. But without that postcard or email or phone call before the tradeshow, I would have likely never been introduced to those companies. With large scale tradeshows, 95% of the people don’t visit every booth. It’s just not practical. Now I know there are those who I will call “scoopers” who go from booth to booth and get as much free stuff as possible. What does the 90 year old man in the motorized cart need 7 different types of pom poms anyway? I don’t know but it’s free so he’s going to take it. Anyway, it looks like I got sidetracked, so back to the matter at hand. Many tradeshow attendees have some sort of plan ahead of time by looking at the exhibitor layout so they know the booths they will visit. In most cases, exhibitors can get a list of registered attendees before the event and call, email, or mail some sort of marketing piece to them so you can be part of their plan. Participating in a tradeshow is much more than just having an awesome booth. You must inform your potential new clients about your booth ahead of time and your tradeshow booth will be much more successful.

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