Capture The Flag

When I was a kid I loved playing capture the flag. You remember the game where each team has a flag located in their territory and the goal is to grab the flag without getting tagged by the other team and return it back to your home base. If you get tagged, you are out of the game. Truth be known I would still love playing the game now if I could get any of my adult friends to play. But for now, I’ll just have to wait for my son and his friends to play and get in a game then.

Marketing your business is a lot like playing capture the flag, with your clients sale being the flag. So the question is how do you get the flag (the sale) back to your territory without being tagged? Being tagged in business could be a competitor coming in with a lower price or it could be you procrastinating on getting answers to tough questions for your client to make a decision. Or it could just be a wishy-washy customer who can’t make up his/her mind. So how do we overcome these obstacles? The answer is to work your tail off. Do what it takes to earn your clients’ business. However, how much is too much? We all know there are those clients that are like money siphons. Being that your time is valuable and they take up so much time with you only to purchase a small amount of product or service, it is like paying them to take your product or service. That’s a great deal for them and a lousy arrangement for you and your business. So pick and choose your clients wisely, but work hard for those who respect your time.

Promotional products marketing is a great way to bring in some new prospective clients that may be willing to play capture the flag with you. Go out and have fun playing the game of business and be sure to be wise and market hard.

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