Homemade Car Signs

Homemade Car Signs, NO NO NO!

In my line of work, marketing and advertising, I notice people’s advertising ventures a little more than theaverage person. However, there are some tactics that anyone would notice and just laugh. For instance, if you use a piece of cardboard, a marker, and tape to create a car sign, the first impression that you are creating is down in the basement. In addition, if you are going to use paint and paint a sign on your van, at least make sure your spelling is correct. Take a look at the two pictures below and let me know what your first impression would be if you saw this out on the street. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be picking up your phone to get a quote. I’m a huge advocate of car signs to advertise your business. Magnetic car signs are one of the most effective and cheapest forms of advertising your business. Plus, magnetic car signs can be changed out frequently to market various products. It’s always a great idea to have multiple variations of your car signs in order to keep it fresh and change it up. If you think about it, on your normal daily route, you will likely pass many of the same vehicles, so rotating your signs out frequently is great way to capture the attention of others. Homemade car signs are a definite taboo and is very detrimental to your business. When I see people marketing their business with means such as this, it makes me want to talk to them like a baby or a dog and say, “NO NO.” Now the irony is that these two businesses are getting some national attention now because of this blog, but the unfortunate thing is that due to their damaging marketing strategies, they most likely aren’t in business anymore. If you want to protect your business use only professionally designed marketing products. If you want to increase your sales and work on your branding, just let me know.

Homemade car sign     Homemade Car Signs

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