10 Ideas For Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

In light of the Halloween observance coming up in October, I have listed some ideas to use Halloween trick or treat bags to help market your business. All ideas won’t apply to your business, but many of them will. Halloween bags are cheap and are great to give out in mass quantities for branding and marketing exposure. The bags you give to your clients will end up in the hands of their children or the children of their friends.

  1. Use the Halloween bags as a retail shopping bag when your customers purchase small merchandise.
  2. If you provide written quotes or estimates to your clients, insert the printed quote in the Halloween bag when you deliver the estimate to them.
  3. For photographers, deliver your client’s printed photos in a trick or treat bag.
  4. Give out quantities of your bags printed with your logo to businesses to pass out to kids that come in.
  5. Give out bags to non-profit organizations that deal with kids so they will have bags.
  6. Give out your trick or treat bags at conventions that take place in October.
  7. If your business provides samples of products, put them in the trick or treat bags and hand them out.
  8. Have a display at your place of business with a sign saying FREE and give out to your customers who have children.
  9. Insert brochures, business cards, or other literature about your business in the bags and pass out around neighborhoods and/or businesses.
  10. Pass out enough Halloween bags to your child’s school to give out one for each child. The child will bring the bag home and that will market your business to their parents.