Fall Soccer Season Begins

Well, I got suckered into coaching not only my son’s U12 soccer team, but also my daughter’s U8 soccer team. We held our first soccer practice yesterday and I’m already starting to brainstorm about what type of soccer spirit items that I want to get for the team. Soccer leagues don’t typically have the same support as football teams (in America); therefore, there is not as much money to purchase soccer spirit items. So I will just have to either completely sponsor the team myself and buy the spirit items or get other businesses to go in with me and purchase some items. I’m thinking we could be the only team out there with thundersticks to make some noise or maybe some rooter pom poms for the parents to cheer on our team. Mini soccer balls are a great giveaway to give the kids to play with. One year I even purchased full sized soccer balls and gave out a soccer ball to the MVP of each game as way of showing my appreciation for that player’s efforts. My coaching philosophy is to not stress winning, but to stress to the players to play their best and not give up and focus on teamwork. By doing that, every player is a winner no matter what the final score shows. As a matter of fact, with that philosophy, the last time I coached a U10 team, we went undefeated for the season. Soccer is a great sport and is a great form of exercise. It is also a great way to promote teamwork with kids. Make sure you support more than just football and take an interest and invest in a soccer team.

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