Ideas For A Referral Program To Increase Sales

It is rare that I come across a business that isn’t interested in increasing their sales. A successful referral program is a great way to generate some extra sales. There are many different approaches you can take when starting a referral program, which will all be based on your type of business, your customers, and your profit margins.

Some businesses with higher profit margins offer cash. Some service providers may offer a free month’s service with a referral that signs up. Another great approach is to offer a free gift to your customers who bring in or refer a new customer to you. In order to completely take advantage of the free gift that you will give out, you should get your business logo printed on the gifts. I’m not talking about giving out a koozie or a pen, but giving out premium promotional products. ¬†There are thousands of promotional items out there that have a high perceived value and that would be useful.

To drive my point home, here are just a few ideas for these various business types to give away to their customers who refer a friend.

  • A gym could give out a really nice duffel bag to anyone who refers a friend.
  • A web designer could give away a computer mouse with their website printed on it.
  • A football team could give away a full sized football with their mascot on it.
  • A car dealership could give out custom printed floor mats.
Whatever gift you choose to give out for your referral program, make sure it is a useful and worthwhile gift. Once you decide what you want to give, plaster it all over your Facebook page, twitter, posters in your store, and tell every customer you speak with. If you gift is nice enough, your customers will promote your business and you will see sales increase.
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