Marketing With Back To School Products

With schools around the country back in schedule, it’s a great time to take advantage of that opportunity to market your business through the use of school promotional products. With all of the budget issues going on in today’s economy, school budgets are being cut every year, leaving them short on items. Most schools welcome donations of supplies, so why not give them items they can use that have your logo plastered all over them. Below are some back to school ideas that schools use on a daily basis and are great marketing items.

  1. Promotional Pencils – Pencils with your logo and business contact info are great. Kids in the lower grades use pencils every single day.
  2. Personalized Pens – Pens are used in the upper grades, so let’s not leave them out. There are many great pens that can bought in bulk for under 50 cents each with your logo.
  3. Highlighters – These are also used more by the older students as their reading and studying gets a little more intensive.
  4. Calculators – As students begin their advance math classes in middle and high school, calculators become a necessity.
  5. Sticky Notes – Sticky notes always come in handy by students, teachers, and the administrative staff at schools.
  6. Rulers – Rulers come in handy in math and art classes and they are very cheap in price.
  7. Custom Clipboards – Clipboards are very handy for teachers and the administration and sometimes needed items in the classroom.
  8. Lanyards – Lanyards are great for teachers to keep up with all of their keys for the school as well as holding their ID badges.
  9. Laptop Cases – Most teachers now have their own personal laptops that are used frequently for school purposes, so wouldn’t it be great if they carried their laptop in a case with your logo?
  10. Calendars – Teachers have many deadlines, so a calendar is a necessity.
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