Get Prepared for Football Season 2011

Well, it’s finally here. The time when all of us College football nuts get so excited. The first games will be starting on September 1, so make sure and get prepared if you run a booster club. High school football as already started for many schools. School spirit items are so important for your school and are the life blood of your team. These spirit items help to encourage your team’s fans to cheer louder and more often than they would do without any spirit items. Plus, these spirit items are excellent ways to raise money for your club. There are many different items to choose from and below is a list of many different items to choose from. Be sure to try something different and have a wide variety of products available for your fans. The more you have to choose from, the more you can sell and keep the fans cheering.

  1. Mini footballs
  2. Thundersticks
  3. Pom Poms
  4. Stadium Horns
  5. Foam Fingers
  6. Schedule Magnets
  7. Stadium Cups
  8. Full Sized Footballs
  9. Autograph Footballs
  10. School T-Shirts
  11. Stadium Seat Cushions
  12. Stadium Blankets
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