Comparison of Stadium Seat Cushions

Before buying stadium seat cushions for your next sporting event or booster club fundraising event, make sure you know and understand the different kinds and sizes of seat cushions. Some sizes are suitable for selling in a school booster club store whiles others aren’t and are strictly meant for giveaways. If you buy the sizes and thicknesses better suited for giveaways, and try to sell them your sales will suffer.

SIZE: Most vinyl covered stadium seat cushions come in either a 12 inch square size or a 14 inch square size. I think we can all agree that butts in America are getting larger and larger; therefore, the 14 inch size is most suitable. Even narrow butts like a little wiggle room on their cushions, so the 14″ size works best. The 12″ size is only recommended as a free giveaway when budget is a big factor. You can get the 12 inch size seat cushions for much less; however, these are terrible for selling due to the smaller size.

SHAPE: The typical vinyl covered stadium cushions come in either Square, Round, Rectangle or Football shapes. The square is the most popular shape for football, while the round stadium seat cushions are often used for basketball and baseball since the cushion can be made to look like either a basketball or a baseball. The football shaped cushions are used almost exclusively for football since those can be printed with the seams to look like a football. The rectangle shaped cushions are typically used for any events where kneeling is involved.

THICKNESS: Stadium seat cushions range in thickness from 3/4″ thick to 2 1/2″ thick. Obviously from a buyer standpoint, the thicker the better. Going back to the smaller 12″ square cushions, they typically only measure between 3/4″ to 1″. The best seller is the 2″ thick option, with the 2 1/2″ option being a little more premium. Typical thicknesses are 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″, and 2 1/2″. Not all thicknesses are available in each size or shape.

CUSHION COLOR: Of course, color does vary depending on the manufacturer. In most cases, you can get two-tone cushion colors at no additional charge. The two-tone colors are a great way to get all of your school colors on the cushion without paying additional money to print in mult-icolor. The stock colors of the stadium cushions we sell most often cover most school colors whether college or high school. Here are the stock colors available: Bright Gold (PMS 123C), Orange (PMS 165C), Red (PMS 711C), Royal Blue (PMS 654C), Navy Blue (PMS 532C), Kelly Green (PMS 555C), Forest Green (PMS 627C), Maroon (PMS 209C), Purple (PMS 268C), Silver (PMS 877C), Metallic Gold (PMS 872C), Black, and White. The PMS number is the reference to the approximate color of the vinyl color and can be viewed from a PMS color chart.

IMPRINT COLOR: Ideally you want an imprint color that will compliment your school colors. Some schools have 2 official colors, while others have 3 official colors. Use the cushion color to meet one of your colors and the imprint color to meet the other color. The cushions that we most commonly sell allow for you specify and exact PMS color, FREE of charge, so we can match your official school color. The last thing that you want to do is use a color that ends up looking like your arch rival’s color. That can sometimes, inadvertently, happen if you have to settle for a stock color.

Cushion Style:There are many different types of stadium seat cushions. Due to cost factors, the most popular style is the vinyl covered foam insert, which work great for most events. There are other premium type stadium seat cushions. Some have backs, some are made of polyester, and some have premium padding side. These premium version, of course, all go for a premium price and typically start around $8 upwards to $30-$40 each, which is why these don’t typically go over very well for most fundraisers.

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