15 Ideas for Custom Matchbooks

Custom matchbooks are one of the lowest priced promotional products available, weighing in aroundcustom-matchbooks$0.04 per book for 1 case of 2500. They can be custom printed with your business or organization logo and message. Custom printed matchbooks aren’t just for smokers though, so below are 15 different ideas for using matchbooks to promote and market your business or cause.

  1. Bars & Restaurants – Most states have banned smoking in restaurants with some also banning smoking inside bars and nightclubs. However, that doesn’t stop patrons from smoking. They just step outside to the smoking area and light up. Wouldn’t it be great if they lit their cigarette with a book of matches bearing your logo? With 20 individual matches per matchbook, that’s 20 different marketing exposures for your business and 20 different reminders to that client about your business.
  2. Candle Companies – There are many businesses that specialize in candle making and candle sales. Including a complimentary book of matches is a great way to show your thanks for the purchase and put your contact back in their hand for the next 20 candle lightings.
  3. Tobacco Stores – I see more and more tobacco specialty stores opening these days. These are the stores that specialize in fine cigars and roll your own cigarettes. Giving away a matchbook with each purchase is a great way to compliment their newly rolled cigarettes.
  4. Bail Bondsman – Everyone knows that a lot of smoking goes on in prison due to the sudden increase in downtime by the inmates. A great marketing strategy for bail bondsmen is to give out matchbooks in mass to bars and clubs around their area. Then when the patrons pick up a matchbook and pocket it, they will have a bail bondsman contact information later when they get busted for their DUI, domestic disturbance, disturbing the peace, or drunk in public charge.
  5. Prison Ministry – Many prisoners find God while in prison. They realize their wrong doings, ask for forgiveness, and become saved. These are great giveaways for prison ministries and can include contact info and Bible verses.
  6. Attorneys – In a similar fashion to the marketing strategy, lawyers can put their contact info in the pockets of many smokers through custom matchbooks. These promotional matchbooks can be passed out at bars, jails, nightclubs, and directly to their current clients.
  7. Camp Grounds – For the camping facilities that offer the old fashioned style of camping with camp fires, matchbooks make a great giveaway for their guests. There’s nothing like cooking out over a campfire and reminiscing about good times, but none of that can happen without fire.
  8. Hardcore Ministry – Hardcore ministry is a style of reaching out to those who need help the most. These people would include drug abusers, prostitutes, and gang members. The typically strategy is that the cover is printed to look like something that would appeal to them like a source for drugs or something similar and then the inside a Bible verse printed with contact info. The hope is that at some point, that message will be made clear to them and they will call for help to turn their life around.
  9. Tattoo Shops – Matchbooks can be printed in vibrant full color, so tattoo artists can really show off their talents and designs when printed on matchbooks. Custom matchbooks can be used for them in place of business cards.
  10. Wedding Favors – Wedding matchbooks are very common wedding favors often times listing the Bride and Groom along with the wedding date and a thank you message for attending. Wedding attendees will often keep these souvenirs for years to come as a memento of that special day.
  11. Rock Bands – Many music bands have their website info for their store and music and pass these out at concerts to promote sales for their online store. The website info also helps their fans keep up with their current song releases, thereby, promoting more album sales.
  12. Incense Shops – I often see shops that specialize in selling incense for home and businesses. Also, there are many other stores that sell a fair sized collection of incense such as Earthbound and other similar stores. Including a custom printed book of matches with a purchase is a great way to further promote their shop.
  13. Marriage Counselors – Here’s a slogan for a marriage counselor to have printed on matchbooks: “Want a Smoking Hot Marriage?” Okay, I’ll admit, it’s a litte cheesy; however, cheesy often works.
  14. Event Planners – Most event planners plan a wide variety of events from indoor to outdoor and matchbooks are very cost effective marketing items to help promote their business.
  15. Caterers – It’s true that most smokers light up immediately after eating. I don’t personally know why because I’m not a smoker, but it’s true. But, for this reason, I believe it to be a great giveaway by caterers.

There are of course many other ideas for matchbooks and these above are only just a few of great possibilities when marketing with custom matchbooks. Get creative and start marketing today!

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