Great Welcome Gifts For Beach Hotel Guests

For beach front hotels, condos, and motels, spring and summer are busy times. Many of your patrons are repeat clients since many families visit the same beach area year after year. That’s why it is important to give them a great experience during their vacation. One way to do that is to give them some useful welcome gifts when they check in. If you are giving out gifts, you might as well personalized them with your logo and contact information. Here are just a few ideas of various promotional products you could give away:


Personalized Lip Balm is a great option. Put the name of your hotel or condo on the full color printed labels. Be sure to get chapstick with SPF in it to prevent lips from being burned. The lips are one of those items that many people forget to protect with sunscreen, so this is a great giveaway.

personalized-frisbeesPersonalized frisbees are a classic beach toy that make great giveaways for hotel patrons. Anything to help occupy the kids while Mom and Dad relax on the beach is a perfect gift. Have your hotel logo printed on frisbees and brand your hotel to everyone on the beach. These toys will go home with them and they will have your hotel logo in front of them every time they use it

promotional-sunscreenPromotional sunscreen is a necessity for any beach goer. Many tourists come from states up north to the beaches in Florida or other Southern states and they don’t realize just how powerful the sun is here. That’s why when you visit any beach town, you see hundreds of sunburned tourists, some of which look very painful. You want them to have a good experience so they will want to come back, so give the sunscreen and that will hopefully prompt them to buy their own in larger quantities for their stay.


Personalized beach balls are great for not only the beach but also the pool. I see kids and adults alikeplaying with beach balls at the pool and the beach. Beach balls are great items to print your express menu from your Tiki bar to help bring in more money from your guests. Most guests don’t want to leave the beach in front of the hotel or the hotel pool to grab lunch, so encourage them to eat at your facility and boost your sales.

These are just a few of the inexpensive but useful and/or fun items that you could provide in a welcome kit for your guests. Think about other more premium promotional products such as custom beach towels or custom flip flops. These type of products can be sold in your hotel gift shop. Nearly any necessities that you sell, you can get them branded with your logo and sell them which further strengthens your brand with your guests.

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