Ideas for Beach Hotels to Make More Money

For all hotels and resorts, a major goal of the resort should be to keep your guests on property so they will spend more money with you. Some ways to do this include having good restaurants, a gift shop with necessities, umbrella & chair rentals, jet ski rentals, selling alcoholic beverages, and possibly even some excursions that can be booked through the resort. But here is a great idea for resorts to offer, particularly beach resorts. Get custom rolling personalized coolers with your hotel logo on them and rent those out to guests. Your guests flying in can’t bring cool

ers but they sure could use them while they are there. You could sell even more by including the option when they book their room and offer packages such as a room with rolling cooler for the beach for a package price. And don’t stop there, offer booking options with an umbrella and chair for each day, or maybe even packages with lunch included each day.

Coolers are almost a necessity on the beach. With the sun beating down, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids, many people on vacation like to toke down a few beers and just relax and enjoy the surf and sun. Buy it once and keep making money from it for years to come. Below are a few custom cooler options thatwould make great rental coolers.


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