5 Reasons You Should Buy Holiday Employee Gifts

The heart of any business is made up of the employees. A business can succeed or fail based upon on the behaviors and work ethic of the employees. The end of the year during the Christmas holidays is a great time to show your appreciation for the hard work of your employees.  Here are 5 great reasons you should buy holiday employee gifts that are personalized with your company logo.

  1. To simply say, “Thank you for your hard work this year.” It is proven that salary is not the number 1 factor in job satisfaction, but happiness with the work environment. Show your employees that you appreciate them and their hard work and they will continue to work hard for you.
  2. Employee motivation – You don’t have to and you shouldn’t only give gifts at the end of year, but reward your employees throughout the year for meeting sales quotas, wrapping up a big new deal, using no sick time, etc. There are many things that your employees do regularly that make your company money, so reward them for that to help keep them motivated.
  3. Corporate gifts promote good will and build team spirit toward your company for your employees. Give them something of value and something useful and it helps them to bond more with the business. The more they feel like a valuable piece of the company, the more they will promote it when dealing with clients.
  4. Marketing – the more your employees use promotional products with your company logo printed on them, the more advertising your company receives. It’s great for clients to see employees supporting the company they work for because it makes them feel more comfortable choosing your company.
  5. Generosity – Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31. It’s just the right thing to do. It’s one of the most famous quotes from the Bible and for a good reason. Treat your employees well and your company will be rewarded as a result.

When rewarding your employees, please don’t be cheap. You don’t have to buy $100 gifts, but don’t buy them a $5 gift either. You have to evaluate how much your employees are worth to you and your overall budget. Typically gifts ranging from $40-$60 are great for end of the year Christmas gifts for employees. If your company does high dollar sales and deals, you should increase the amount you gift proportionally. There are thousands of premium promotional products to choose from and I recommend you always brand the gifts with your logo when possible to reinforce the brand of your company with your employees. If you give gift certificates, they are spent and gone with no remembrance of your company. However, for example, if you gift a premium cooler with your logo that gift will be kept for years and continue to market for your company. Be smart and be generous and you find this expense is not an expense at all and is really an investment that pays off big time.

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