21 Ideas for Promotional Mini Footballs

Mini footballs are one of the most popular spirit items for the sport of football. You see them at almost all football games. Here are a few creative ideas mixed in with some classic uses of promotional mini footballs.

  1. Mini footballs make great centerpieces for football banquets and parties.
  2. Use them in a friendly game of two hand touch football.
  3. At a festival, set up a booth and let participants try to toss the football through the hole to win a prize.
  4. Use them as end of the season gifts for coaches, players, and volunteers.
  5. Have a fundraising event and charge people to peg the coach in the head with a football. The fans can take out any aggression from that previous loss. Make sure and use the vinyl mini football since it is softer.
  6. Have a distance throwing contest.
  7. Sell the mini footballs in the booster club to help raise money for the team.
  8. Get local businesses to sponsor by having their logo printed on the balls.
  9. Have the cheerleaders throw out the balls to the crowd every time your team scores a touchdown.
  10. Give out the mini footballs with the game schedule printed on them.
  11. Give out a mini football with the team mascot printed on them to every season ticket order.
  12. Use them as birthday party invitations by printing the party time and RSVP info on the balls. We have also sold a lot of these for wedding save the date balls for football themed weddings.
  13. Toss them around for fun with a friend or your son.
  14. Bounce them off the wall when you are bored.
  15. Hang the footballs from the ceiling as a party decoration.
  16. Print coupons on the balls that say, “Bring this ball in to redeem for a FREE ___” Once you get the ball back, you can give it out to someone else to help bring in more business.
  17. Use them for autograph sessions if you have a pro player on site.
  18. Donate them to a Children’s ministry as gifts for kids.
  19. Use them to squeeze as an exercise tool to build up muscles in your forearm. You will need the vinyl mini footballs for this one too.
  20. Support your local team by giving them out with a purchase to your local patrons.
  21. Use them as giveaways for Facebook contests on your business Facebook page to encourage your fans to visit your page often.
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