Promotional Product Ideas to Prevent Video Game Related Deaths

The recent death of Chris Staniforth, whose Father believes died from his extended gaming sessions, is a tragic case of a video game related death. Truth be told, today’s youth and many adults have gaming addictions which can be extremely hazardous to their health. In addition to the increased chances of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which can lead to a blood clot going to the lungs causing death, obesity is another adverse side effect of excessive gaming, which has become a major epidemic. The obesity epidemic is caused by a mixture of excessive eating, poor eating choices, and lack of exercise (often caused by too much gaming or too much TV). In light of this recent tragic death, here are some promotional product ideas that can help encourage physical activity and exercise instead of sedimentary activity.

  • Promotional Pedometers – Pedometers will encourage people to take more steps. Maybe they will park further out in parking lots or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  I know this may be mind boggling, but maybe this little device will encourage them to go walking just for exercise. These, of course, can’t make them exercise, but hopefully it will just make it apparent they need to get up off the couch and take a few extra steps.
  • Custom Sports Balls – These are classic toys that have been around well before computers, cell phones, and video games. Not only will the recipients get exercise using these giveaways, but maybe they will spend more time with their kids and play with them. Choose from custom soccer balls, footballs, or basketballs which all can provide great cardio workouts.
  • Promotional Frisbees – Here is another toy that has been around since well before the obesity and gaming epidemic. These will also promote some physical activity and are fun to try to master new tricks and accuracy.
  • Exercise Gym Balls – These exercise balls are seen in gyms, health clubs, physical therapy offices, and with athletic trainers.  They are great for abdominal workouts to build that 6 pack (and no, I don’t mean beer or Coke).
  • Jump Ropes – Jump roping provides cardio in a big way. These used to be easy when I was a little kid, but now I find it’s a bit more challenging. These are great gifts to promote exercise. You can even get a Calorie Counter Jump Rope.

With the gaming problems out there, I encourage you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Don’t encourage more gaming with your giveaways, but encourage exercise and health. There are many promotional products available to help promote wellness, so let’s work together to help reverse the trend of laziness, excessive gaming, and obesity.

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