Save Money With Multi-Function Spirit Items

klicker-pom-pomsWhen selling spirit items to fans, it’s always easier to sell multi-function products. Fans will appreciate the item more and hopefully it will encourage them to cheer more for their team. And we all know the more cheering that a team’s fans do; the more energy and excitement the team will have.

One example of a multi-function spirit item would be Klicker Pom Poms.  Not only can you shake them when you cheer, but they also make a clicking sound to help cheer on your favorite team.

Another great multi-function spirit item is the FanFan.  It is a Banner, a fan, and a clapper. It starts offfanfan-banner-clapper flat like a banner, but when you fold at the scored lines, it can be a fan on those hot game days.  Or, when folded like a fan, just slap it against the palm of your hand for a really loud noise.  Banners are great for football games, especially for televised games since you are more likely to get the camera aimed at you and be on TV. Also, there’s not much louder than the clapping noise these spirit items make, especially when you get a few hundred or more clapping at the same time. The bonus of this product is the ability to fan yourself and help beat the heat, which is of particular importance for us Southeastern Conference fans.

Thunder Sticks

Thunder Sticks

Thundersticks are another great spirit item to help make noise for your team. Thunder sticks are inflatble sticks made of vinyl that you bang together to make a loud boom. It is quite an experience to hear hundreds of pairs of thundersticks being banged together simultaneously. There are two different types, one that is re-suable and others that are not. The ones pictured to the left are re-usable and the best in my opinion. Not only are these spirit items a noisemaker, but you can also use them to beat people rooting for the opposite team. Just kidding, but they are fun to use to beat your friends. They are filled with nothing but air, so have some fun.

Spirit items are critical for any football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, or baseball team who wants active and cheering fans. Rowdy and cheering fans help to make the game day experience so much better, so be sure to have plenty of school spirit items available for the fans. Plus, spirit items are a great way to generate revenue for your booster club.

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