Here’s a Dog Who is Just Too Cool

Are you tired of the lame old promotional products?  You do have a choice since there are over one million

Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional Sunglasses

different promotional products available.  Try something different and out of the ordinary.  Sometimes, out of the ordinary means using a product that is extremely ordinary such as sunglasses.  It is rare that you see anyone giving them out as promotional items, much less giving away stylish ones. Promotional sunglasses are great giveaways since they are useful and everyone needs sunglasses, especially if you live in the great state of Florida.  You can see in the picture that my dog knows cool promotional products when she sees them.  If you want to give out some premium gifts to your top clients, give them items they will use and in turn will consistently advertise your business. These would also be great employee motivation gifts for rewarding your top employees. My one word of advice would be, please don’t give away the super cheap sunglasses that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. If you wouldn’t wear them, neither will your clients or employees and they will trash them and get that cheap vibe from you. So follow what this cool doggy is doing and get cool.

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