Happy National Hot Dog Day

Today is one of the obscure observations set by an organization to celebrate Hot Dogs.  Today is National Hot Dog Day, so it’s time to celebrate. It couldn’t have come on a better day, Saturday. So let’s go home and fire up the grill and have an all American hot dog. This is also a great time for restaurants who sell hot dogs to have a big promotion to draw in crowds. Booster clubs can also bring in some dough by having a hot dog stand in front of your local grocery store or Wal-Mart. I see them often and often I stop and buy a hot dog, bag of chips, and a drink for $1.50. It’s hard to beat the price and it helps the local school and the individual organization. Plus, they are tasty.  If you didn’t get in early enough on National Hot Dog Day this year, be sure to plan ahead for 2012 so you can promote a sale for your business and market ahead. These obscure holidays can be fun and profitable if you plan accordingly. Be sure to get some promotional products and advertise your event.

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, here are some hot dog trivia from 2010, courtesy of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council.

  • Over $1.6 billions was spent on hot dogs
  • U.S. soldiers at military installations all over the world consumed 2.4 million hot dogs last year.
  • On an average July 4th, Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs
  • Los Angeles led the hot dog consumption race, eating more hot dogs than New York and San Antonio.
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport consumed about 4.3 million hot dogs, which was 725,000 more than Los Angeles  International and LaGuardia Airports combined.

Top 10 Hot Dog Consuming Cities from 2010

  • 1. Los Angeles

    2. New York

    3. San Antonio/Corpus Christi

    4. Baltimore/Washington

    5. Chicago

    6. Philadelphia

    7. South Carolina

    8. Atlanta

    9. Boston

    10. Harrisburg/Scranton, Penn.

    Source: Information Resources Inc.

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