What happened to Pizza Delivery 30 minutes or less?

So I ordered pizza the other day from a large pizza chain and an hour and a half later we were still waiting for our pizza. I called and was told they were waiting on a driver and that the driver should be back momentarily and it would be delivery within 20-30 minutes. So 30 more minutes pass by and no pizza. I call and I’m told that this was a carryout order and the pizza has been ready for 2 hours. Needless to say I wasn’t very happy, especially since a similar incident had just happened a few months earlier. I finally got them to remake fresh pizzas and I had to go pick them up. It was an unpleasant experience since my family couldn’t eat until after 9:00 pm. Maybe I would have been happy if they would have given me some kind of free pizza promotional products. Even just a promotional pizza cutter would have been nice. Something. But I got nothing but attitude since they had to remake the pizza. If you ever do mess up, make sure and offer some kind of free promotional giveaway to make up the mistake. A little give can go a long way to save a customer that has been accidentally wronged. It shows them that you do care and helps them to understand that you did not do this on purpose. Take care of your current customers and they will be back.

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