How Much Rain Did We Get?

We recently had 3 days of solid raining and received about 1/4 of our average annual precipitation in those 3 days. It rarely slacked up any so we were stuck inside for the weekend. No beach, no water park, and no yard work. Luckily my neighbor had a promotional rain gauge and he let me know how much rain we received. Not because I needed to know but because I wanted to know. Rain ponchos would have been nice to have to go out and play in the rain, except those times the lightning was streaking across the sky. There are many promotional products that are rain related that can be used as promotional giveaways, as retail products, or as employee gifts. Employers who have outdoor events such as amusement parks, concerts, yard maintenance companies, or companies whose employees have to travel to and from locations such as real estate agents and delivery personnel who greatly benefit from receiving promotional products such as rain ponchos. As I’ve mentioned many times before, think about your specific target audience and think of items they may need and they will be more likely to use those items and advertise for you.

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