Throw Bricks At People You Don’t Like

Have you ever wanted to throw a brick at someone who annoys you? Or maybe at a rival team when they score on you. Well, just do it next time, but only if you have a fake foam brick. These foam bricks are great for protest rallies and sports games. They, of course, won’t hurt anyone but they are fun to throw around. Spirit items are an important part of sports games for both college and high school. The foam bricks come in many different colors and they are a cheap item. You can get a sponsor logo printed on them to defray some or all of the costs and then either give them away or sell them for booster club fundraising. Either way you choose, your fans will love them and it will help get them cheering for your team. It’s only a few more short weeks and College football will be gearing up, so get your school spirit items soon and beat the rush.

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