Tattoo Your Logo On Yourself To Market Your Business

I was out and about this past weekend and noticed that the majority of people passing by had tattoos with many of them having multiple tattoos.  It seems to be an epidemic or maybe it’s just that I live in a beach town. I was thinking that maybe a great way to promote your business would be to shave your head and get your logo tattooed across the back of your bald head or maybe on your face?  Perhaps you would rather go more subtle and just get it tattooed on your forearm or ankle.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to get a tattoo of my business logo on me permanently; however, I am open to temporary tattoos.  Temporary tattoos are extremely cheap, often less than a dime a piece.  They can also be completely customized in any shape, size, and with unlimited colors making them a great marketing item.  My suggestion would be to pass them out at an event with a lot of people and have a giveaway to a random person spotted in the crowd later that day that proudly displays your logo tattooed on them.  People love free stuff and wouldn’t it be great advertising to have a mass crowd with your logo ink’d on them?  Temporarily, that is.  Get creative and take advantage of the modern tattoo craze.  Temporary tattoos are among the cheapest promotional products available so you can easily give away a few thousand with a minuscule budget.

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