How to Make Your Business Stand Out on a Busy Road

If you are like most businesses, your building is not the only business on the side of road.  In fact, there are probably dozens or even hundreds of businesses along your road.  So how do you make your business stand out to the potential customers who pass by your building every day?  Flags, banners, and yard signs are some of the best and cheapest ways to stand out and be seen.  The feather flags or bow flags are tall flags that blow in the wind and are best seen when placed near the road sign.  Typically, the less printing the better for these so they can be ready easily.  Words such as SALE or CLEARANCE or some other catchy word to attract shoppers is best.  Banners are much less expensive than flags and can be changed out more frequently.  Banners should also have a phone number placed on them.  Yard Signs are another great way to market your business.  There are many businesses that market solely with yard signs placed strategically at busy intersections.  But be careful that you don’t break any ordinances by place signs without permission.  Stand out more and gain more business.  It’s a simple and effective philosophy.

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