You can give anything away free, even poop.

I’ve always said that you can give anything away FREE and the picture below proves it.  People love to get free stuff no matter what it is.  You can even give away poop.  I’m serious.  Just look at the picture below that I took when I passed by it a few days ago.  Free manure and I’m sure they have plenty of takers. Imagine if your business gave away free promotional products. You find all kinds of new potential clients when you giving away free items.  Now as I have mentioned countless times before, you can give away just any items, the length of time and the amount of times the recipients will actually use the giveaways will depend on the quality.  The better the quality and the more useful; the more marketing exposure you receive from your investment.  And buying promotional items should always be an investment and NOT an expense.

Free Manure

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