Middle Finger Etiquette

Custom printed foam middle fingersWhen is the middle finger acceptable to use in your business practice?  My first response would be never.  My second response would also be never.  Although we have sold foam middle fingers to a few businesses for some marketing campaigns, they were rare cases.  I wouldn’t recommend flashing these fingers at potential customer on the roadside or accosting walk-in customers with the finger.  You could, of course, come up with some sort of clever marketing scheme with them but be careful and don’t offend the masses.  I’m all about offending a few to gain the attention of the mass as long as there is no hate marketing or discrimination going on.  These foam fingers are mostly used for protest rallies and sporting events.  They are meant to be intimidating for the other team, but I would encourage you to use these sparingly and be light-hearted if you get a foam middle finger flashed at you at a football game.  You know football can get intense, especially here in the Southeastern Conference, so don’t get too offended.  It’s not personal, just sports.  To you sports rivals out there…until we meet again!

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