Design Like A Pro

Chances are, many of you have tried to do your own design for a t-shirt, business card, or brochure.  Some of you have finished your task and kick your feet back all proud of your masterpiece.  On the other hand, some of you have tried to do your own design and spent countless hours trying to create the vision in your head and simply just couldn’t do it.  Barring any graphic designers here, I would be willing to bet that either way, your design could be improved, by a professional.  A good rule of thumb is that you invest at least 1/3 of your budget in getting a professional layout and/or logo designed.  You even have to be careful when hiring a graphic artist.  How much experience do they have? Do they have formal training?  And if so, do they have a Bachelor’s degree or just an Associate’s degree?  Have you seen any of their work?  Graphic design doesn’t come cheap, average rates go from $50-$200 per hour depending on the designer.  We average around $75 per hour and we can typically give you an estimate ahead of time on the number of hours.  We also will give a discount when you order your products through us at the same time.  The impact that a professionally designed logo or layout is tremendous.  There are many factors that the amateur would not think of some as placement of contact info, font choices, and color combinations that a trained graphic artist knows.  Are you ready to transform your company with a fresh new logo design or updated brochure?

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