The Real Price of Free Business Cards

So you have all seen the offer to get free business cards from various online printers?  On the back they are printed with, “Printed for Free by …”  Some of your have even order some and have handed them out.  I have received a few of them.  A business card should be an extension of your business and not an advertisement for another business.  These are absolutely the most unprofessional thing you can do with a business card.  My reason for saying this has nothing to do with me losing a sale over it.  My concern is the image you are setting for your company.  By doing that it makes your business look cheap.  Not to mention the quality for most of these cards is sub-par.  This first impression gained by seeing this type of business card comes with a price and that price is NOT free.  That price is often a lost potential sale.  I know that if see a business with that type of card, I will be instantly turned off from that company.  If that company won’t even invest a few dollars in nice business cards, what else are they skimping on?  Chances are you will be getting below average products or service.  Business cards should be like mini employees that work for you.  They should portray what your business does and why you stand out from your competitors.  Unless you are a unicorn breeder, chances are you have many competitors.  If a potential client had both your business card and a competitor’s card, which business would they choose?  My recommendation is to spend a little money and get your business cards designed and printed professionally.

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