The Taboo of Homemade Printed T-Shirts

Occasionaly, I see people wearing t-shirts with their business logo printed on them and it looks like they printed them at home.  Chances are they did.  I’ve actually talked with some small businesses (especially 1 person businesses) and they have told me they do the shirts themselves by printing on a special transfer paper and ironing on the imprint.  Not wanting to rude, but if you want to look professional, please leave that job to the professionals.  The same rule applies if you have a pain in your stomach: Don’t cut open your abdomen with a pocket knife and rip out your spleen.  Leave that to professional too.  T-Shirt printing is an art that takes time to do correctly and it takes some design ability to layout the design in a professional manner that looks good, attracts attention, and does the job in getting the desired information across.  Professionally screen printed t-shirts are more durable and will certainly outlast, look better, and do a better job marketing your business than homemade printed t-shirts.  Let a professional print your shirts and you will see much better results.  Remember that often your logo is often the first impression potential clients see.  If they see junk, what do you think their impression of you will be?

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