Mini Footballs and Thunder Sticks

While it is summer and we are roasting here in the South, we are still thinking about the upcoming College football season?  Who will be the top teams, Will my Mississippi State Bulldogs continue to improve, and Which games should I buy tickets for?  These are just a few of the questions that run through my head.  While College football is exciting, let’s not forget about the football going on in our own cities.  High School football is a huge part of communities and these teams need a little more help when it comes to funding.  That’s why the booster clubs are so important.  If you ever find yourself sitting at a high school game and say to yourself, I can’t believe I’m about to pay $10.00 for this stadium seat cushion, just remember that your money for that overpriced cushion is helping the kids with uniforms, paying the coaches, field maintenance, training equipment, and travel to and from away games.  Your purchases for any spirit items is actually a donation so be sure to freely donate to your favorite teams.  In return, you won’t have to endure the hard aluminum bench on butt or you may get some fun spirit items such as thunder sticks or mini footballs or pom poms to help get your cheer on.  Support your local team!

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