These Hands Don’t Belong To A Lady

personalized-hand-lotion“These hands don’t belong to a lady…” Rhett Butler said it to Scarlett O’Hara after she had been working in the fields trying to save her beloved Tara. Well, I haven’t been working in the fields but I have been doing dishes, using hand sanitizers with alcohol, cleaning, and cold weather is coming. I looked at my hands today and realized from wrist to fingertip I looked like I am 76….I’m only 36. I need some intense hand lotion therapy. Please tell me I’m not the only one experiencing “field hand” syndrome.
I am in fact, not the only one with this problem. With the constant hand washing prescribed to ward off colds and flu everyone is in the same boat. Wouldn’t it be helpful if anywhere we went there were sample bottles of promotional hand lotion wherever there are sinks? Or when you went to a doctor’s office or local business they handed it to you with purchase? You could be that business. Useful products like custom lotions can be a very helpful advertising tool. Every time someone pulls that promotional lotion out of their purse or uses it in his/her car they see your company logo. Get some today…..I don’t want you too to suffer from “field hand” syndrome.
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