Are they called Thunderstix or Thundersticks or Bam Bams?

So you might first ask, “What are thundersticks?”  Thundersticks are inflatable sticks made of vinyl that you bang together to make noise and help cheer on your favorite sporting team.  They are sometimes called thunderstix or bam bams or thunder sticks or bang sticks.  While the names may be different, they all serve the same purpose:  to make loud noises.  Just like there are different brands of tissues such as Kleenex or Puffs, most people call them Kleenex regardless of the brand.  The same goes for Thundersticks.  There are many different brands with different trade names, but everyone just calls them thunder sticks.  There are 2 major thunderstick differences to keep in mind when purchasing:

  1. Re-Usable Thundersticks – My favorite type are the reusable thundersticks.  The price point is great and these noisemakers have a valve just like a beach ball or a pool raft that you blow up and cap.  When you are finished using these, you simply deflate, fold them up and store them for the next big game or event.  The re-usable type are made of vinyl (just like a beach ball) and are thicker than the one time use thunderstix.  Since the material is thicker, the noise from the bang has a lower pitch sound.
  2. One Time Use Thundersticks – These as the name indicates mean that you can use them for 1 event.  Once the air starts leaking from the sticks, you can’t blow them up again because once you initally inflate them, you seal off the hole.  Most of these types are made of polythylene and are thinner walled than the re-usable thunder sticks.  Since they are made of a thinner material, the bang has a slightly higher pitched sound.  When buying large quantities, the price points do tend to be a little less per unit.  However, production time is typically longer is you want the cheaper price (sometimes up to 9 weeks).

Both types are just as loud and will get the job done.  I, personally, just find it easier to inflate the re-usable type with the valve over the one-time use ones.  Then, you can re-use them at a later time.  Your marketing dollars go a lot further with the re-usable thundersticks, too, since your logo will tend to stick around for a long time after your event.  Either way you go, these are fun spirit items and they really help the crowd get into the game, rally, or event.

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