Mini Footballs for Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl XLV is coming up in just a short 2 weeks away on February 6, 2011.  There will be Super Bowl parties all over the country and of course many many drinks being guzzled down.  It will probably be fair to assume that many of the party people might wake up the next morning and have little memories of their “good times.”  With that being said, maybe it might not be a bad idea to give out some type of party favors so your guests will remember the event.  Mini footballs are a great party favor for this purple. You can get your custom imprint on the footballs and customize with the date.  You can choose from either vinyl or plastic mini footballs, although, I highly recommend you go with the vinyl mini footballs.  The reason I recommend these over the plastic footballs is that they throw better and us guys don’t damage as much indoor property with the vinyl footballs since they are soft and squeezable.  So not only are these mini footballs fun to throw around the house while watching the big game, but they will hang around for years of fun afterward.

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