Record High Cotton Prices and Custom T-Shirts

So, cotton is at it’s highest point since the Civil War.  During the Civil War, blockades stopped the flow of cotton from the U.S. to Europe and cotton reached it’s highest price ever.  Now, in 2010, we have no Civil War, but the countries who export the most cotton such as Pakistan and China, have suffered from flooding, export restrictions, among other factors which have driven cotton prices to the current level.  The increase represents an 80% increase over prices from last year.  So the question is, will these higher prices affect prices of custom t-shirts and other logo apparel?

It certainly will.  Almost all major apparel retailers and wholesales have already increased pricing or announced an increase for 2011.  At Perfect Imprints, we intend to try to keep our pricing around the same for the 2011 season.  We have found ways to absorb the increased apparel costs by streamlining our processes and therefore benefit our customers better.  Hopefully in 2011, cotton demands will stabilize and cotton prices will come down.  Logo apparel is among the top selling product in the promotional products industry.  It is essential for any company to have professional attire for employees in order to portray confidence to it’s clients.

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