Top 3 Basketball Spirit Items

Well, college football season is nearly over.  Bowls games start on 12/18 so hopefully you all have mini footballs to throw out at your games and events.  As the Football Bowl Games near, College Basketballs season really gets going.  So whether your favorite basketball team is from a high school, middle school, college or university, make sure you keep your team spirit high with basketball spirit items.  Below are the top 3 most popular spirit items for basketball teams and booster clubs.

  1. Mini Basketballs – These vinyl mini basketballs continue to be one of the most popular spirit items for basketball.  These balls can be thrown into the crowd without fear of causing injury (except for those crazy fans that may fight for the item).  These are fun souvenirs for fans to take home.
  2. Thundersticks – Thunder sticks are great noise makers to help cheer on your team or distract the opposing team.  These inflatable sticks are banged together to make a loud noise.  Make sure and check with your school to make sure there are no noise maker ordinances before buying these.  These make great fundraiser items also to sell through the booster club.
  3. Pom Poms – Custom printed pom poms are always a crowd favorite.  It’s much easier to get your crowd cheering when they have something to waive around.  Pom poms do the trick.  They also can be sold as fundraisers.

Of course there are many other spirit items for basketball as well as other basketball related promotional products such as basketball schedule magnets, banners, custom team shirts and apparel and others.  Be sure and keep your team spirit high.

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