Hilarious Billboard Misprint

Here is a hilarious billboard misprint in South Bend, IN:


In our business of printing promotional products and business printing, we ALWAYS send a proof.  It is imperative to always thoroughly check over your proof for simple mistakes such as this.  What a huge difference that 1 missing letter can make.  Luckily the company that misprinted the billboard owned up to the mistake and corrected it by the end of the day.  But, this often happens in the printing industry.  A customer will approve the proof after a casual glance over the proof and be irate when they get the final product and it is misprinted.  While any company tries to proof and prevent errors, I think the ultimate responsibility has to come down to the one who approved the proof.  Please make sure and carefully read all text and ensure the layout and spelling is all correct before agreeing to any proof.

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