Promotional Products Direct From China? You Better Think Twice!

Has your company thought about sourcing your next large order of promotional products direct from China or another foreign country?  Many companies do this and many get burned, badly.  The most recent example is Chuck E. Cheese’s with their recall of about 1.2 million promotional toys.  The rings and eyeglasses were recalled due to health concerns.  There are many facets of sourcing a product that have to be looked at, especially including safety concerns for children.  There are many laws governing the acceptable levels of various chemicals and metals allowed as well as detachable parts that could be choking hazards.  When sourcing products, I highly recommend that you use an experienced promotional products distributor to assist you in your endeavor.  Your wallet may thank you for it.  While at first you might not be able to get past the fact that you are paying a little more than going direct to China, just think about the enormous costs of a mandatory recall.  The disastrous effects are enough to bankrupt some businesses.  If you do choose to go direct, please make sure you spend the necessary time to educate yourself first.

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