Preseason College Football Top 25

Well, with the preseason college football top 25 poll out, do you agree with the rankings?  Alabama is on top just the way they ended the season.  Although I’m not an Alabama fan, I will have to give props to their fans.  Alabama fans are die hard and full of team spirit all the way to the end.  Their team booster club must make a lot of money selling spirit items.  The fans are always dressed in Crimson and White or coated with body paint or cheering loudly.  This tremendous team spirit causes a huge adrenaline rush for the players.  What if we gave this much effort toward our business?  Do you show team spirit for your business or employer?  How much excitement do you bring to your employees or coworkers?  Are you the drab, negative, and always complaining type, or are you a motivator?  Your attitude determines the level of customer service that you give.  If you take a person that hates their job and a person that loves their job and have them do the exact same customer oriented task, the person that loves their job will always do it better.  Even if each one does the same exact things, the customer will favor the person with the positive attitude and get a better feeling toward your business.  Personally, I know of several business that I despise going to because the employees have bad attitudes.  This all starts with management.  Make sure you as a business owner and your managers demonstrate positive attitude and it will positively impact your business.

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