Free and Cheap Ways to Promote Your Website

In 2009, there were approximately $156 billion in internet sales for the U.S.  The forecast for 2010 is $173 billion.   The forecast for 2014 is $249 billion.  Are you getting a piece of this pie?  If not, you should seriously consider beefing up your website.   More and more locals are now going to the internet to buy their goods now, so it’s extremely important to have an ecommerce website so your customers and potential customers can buy from you online.  But just having a website is not good enough.  You have to promote it.  Here are some easy and cheap ways to promote your website:

1.  Make sure the link to your website is in your email signature so that every email you send is a potential visitor to your site.

2.  Make sure your link is printed on all of your letterhead.

3.  Make sure you website is printed on any promotional products that you buy.  Promotional items are a great and inexpensive way to promote your site.

4.  Make sure your website is listed on your business cards.

5.  If you have on hold messages on your phone system, make sure you have a message on there to steer people to your site.

6.  Create internet only specials and give out flyers to everyone that buys from your store telling them to check out the online specials.

7.  Tell everyone that you see to visit your site.

8.  Use social media and develop relationships with people and have your link posted on your Facebook or Twitter pages.  Occasionally post a special directing people to your website.

9.  Start a blog and include links to your website.  Make sure your content is useful so that readers will want to continue to visit and read your blog.

The sooner you devote the time to develop a good website, the sooner you can increase your sales through internet sales.

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