Are we on the brink of another financial economic collapse?

Many financial analysts are forecasting a double dip in the economy. Well, this may or may not happen, but If it does, we, as business owners, need to be prepared. Do you have a firm business plan? Do you have written marketing plan with budgets, strategies, plans for execution, and ways to track the results? If not, I would urge you to think about the marketing strategies that you are doing currently and decide what is working and what is not? You should be able to have measurable results for any marketing venture.  The results may not necessarily be sales but they may be phone calls, emails, or other forms of leads that can turn into sales.  Your marketing should be specifically targeted to the demographics of your buyers.   By targeting your marketing, you can substantially increase your conversion rate and make your marketing campaign much more successful.  It is typically a good idea to spread your advertising and marketing across several different mediums such as print, internet, promotional products, and even television or radio if within your budget.   However, I would caution you not to spread your marketing out too thin, otherwise, it will be ineffective.  Creating an effective marketing plan is a thought provoking process that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  So go ahead now, and protect your business and create plan.  We have all heard the saying from Benjamin Franklin, “a failure to plan is planning to fail.”  I hope you are not planning to fail.

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