Football Noise Makers for the Stadium

It is so important to make lots of noise to support your favorite team, whether it is football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, or any other sport.  Nothing gets a sports team more revved up than excitement from the crowd.  It boosts their adrenaline level and helps them to play better.   A common problem with a lot of fans is that they are too shy to let loose and yell and scream.  Now there are, of course, the maniacal fans that go over the top in their “cheering.”  But I’m talking about maybe a spouse that is brought along that supports the team but maybe he/she doesn’t traditionally yell or scream or possibly elderly fans.  How do you get those fans to cheer and scream and show their team spirit?  The answer is simple.  All you have to do is offer them stadium noise makers.  Any fan, timid or shy, will gladly use a noisemaker to cheer on their team.  To show some examples, here are just a few of the football noise makers that are great to facilitate team spirit with your fans.  Thunder Sticks are always a team favorite.  These inflatable sticks are banged together to make an ear deafening sound, especially in conjunction with hundreds or thousands of other fans.  Some thundersticks are re-usable, while others are one-time use throughout a game.  Another great spirit item is a stadium horn.  This sports horn is packed in a very small package, but makes a very loud noise.  I’ll post a video soon of just how loud this little horn is.  Another really cool item with dual purpose is the Klicker Handle Pom Poms.  These are cheering poms for the fans, but with a built in loud clicker.  Now these are only three examples of great spirit items that make lots of noise for the stadium, but be sure and check out all the various stadium noise makers.  All of the noise makers are great to sell at the games for booster clubs.  Don’t let those shy fans bring down your team.  Make sure they have a way to cheer.

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